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Tomorrow's Product:
The list below contains the expected products that could be tomorrow's product on Tufoxy homepage. The product which gets the highest votes will be tomorrow's product on Tufoxy. If there are more than one product with the hightest votes number, only one product will be randomly selected as a winner among these products.

Top 10 expected tomorrow's products
Number of votes
Currently, no votes were made for any product!

The winner will be selected as "Product of the day" on Tufoxy Homepage after .

How to vote for a product?
Simply go to any page of a product on Tufoxy, you will find "Vote for this product" button at the top of the page.

Voting rules:
• You cannot vote for the same product more than 1 time during the day, however you can vote for it again after announcing tomorrow's product within the 24 hours.
• You can vote for more than 1 product on Tufoxy. There is no limitations for how many products you voted for.

How to place voting button for a product in your website?
Simply go to any page of a product on Tufoxy, then select "Promote" tab at bottom of the page and read the instructions.

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