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4Media DVD Frame Capture for Mac
Last update:
Sun, 7 November 2010, 10:02:10 pm
Submission date:
Mon, 19 January 2009, 3:45:04 pm
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4Media DVD Frame Capture for Mac
Download size:
17.88 MB
Mac OS X
4Media DVD Frame Capture for Mac description

Batch capture image from DVD, save to static pictures, flash, animation, HTML

4Media DVD Frame Capture for Mac is excellent DVD image capture and DVD image creator software to extract image from DVD-Video and DVD folders. The extracted images can be saved as JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP, or exported to GIF animation, FLASH or HTML page. MPEG to GIF image capture is also supported.
You can batch capture image or take a snapshot automatically or manually. It offers image list to preview the captured for you to choose the exact to output.

*Key Features*
1. Flexible batch capture mode - Extract pictures at intervals of given time, or just capture image averagely or randomly;
2. Capture frames manually - You can take snapshots when playing the DVD.
3. Capture frames from any segments or multiple videos, folders - You can set the start and end time of the video to choose any segment for batch capture, or add several videos or folders simultaneously, batch capture pictures from each, and list them in group in the picture list;
4. Built-in DVD player - It provides a player for you to preview the DVD-videos and DVD folders, from which you want to do DVD image capture;
5. Preview pictures and choose the exact one by frames - You can preview the captured pictures in the picture list, and sort them by time. If you are dissatisfied with some picture, you can right-click to view the frame list, capture image every 10/20/40 frames, and choose the exact picture to replace the original or add any picture to the picture list;
6. Optional output mode - In preview window, you can output pictures captured from different DVD-videos or DVD folders respectively, or check all pictures in need from different DVD-videos or DVD folders, and output as animation file or HTML page;
7. Customize picture size - Choose an appropriate thumbnail size to customize the picture or flash size, and fill the selected color to prevent it from distortion;
8. Excellent picture quality

Free download 4Media Video Frame Capture for Mac, capture and enjoy movie pictures now!

MAC OS X and higher operating system

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4Media DVD Frame Capture for Mac  →  Version:
By: Ethanael Date: Wed, 7 September 2016, 7:53:43 pm
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4Media DVD Frame Capture for Mac  →  Version:
By: Dany Date: Fri, 2 September 2016, 4:38:41 am
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4Media DVD Frame Capture for Mac  →  Version:
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Overall rating:
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